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Nacogdoches County, Texas


Tree: lin
Latitude: 31.6353071, Longitude: -94.64503500000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Frances Rebecca  7 Apr 1843Nacogdoches County, Texas I2115 lin 
2 Brown, Francis (Frank) Bugby  15 May 1865Nacogdoches County, Texas I324 lin 
3 Brown, Robert Rogers  5 Feb 1854Nacogdoches County, Texas I2120 lin 
4 Davis, Elgia  21 Mar 1895Nacogdoches County, Texas I2503 lin 
5 Davis, Ella Lee Omie  30 Jul 1899Nacogdoches County, Texas I2505 lin 
6 Davis, Freddie Buford  5 Sep 1908Nacogdoches County, Texas I2511 lin 
7 Davis, James Walther  9 Aug 1886Nacogdoches County, Texas I2499 lin 
8 Davis, Jewel Beatrice   I2510 lin 
9 Davis, John Henry  27 Apr 1897Nacogdoches County, Texas I2504 lin 
10 Davis, Lula Alice  21 Sep 1903Nacogdoches County, Texas I2508 lin 
11 Davis, Mattie Florence  12 Dec 1888Nacogdoches County, Texas I2500 lin 
12 Davis, Pearl  5 Jul 1901Nacogdoches County, Texas I2507 lin 
13 Davis, Robert Franklyn  2 Dec 1890Nacogdoches County, Texas I2501 lin 
14 Davis, Sarah Jane  17 May 1893Nacogdoches County, Texas I2502 lin 
15 Davis, Walter Amos  5 Jun 1885Nacogdoches County, Texas I2498 lin 
16 Deshazo, Charles B.  12 Feb 1881Nacogdoches County, Texas I2473 lin 
17 Deshazo, Robert Allen "Bob"  30 Mar 1883Nacogdoches County, Texas I2475 lin 
18 Deshazo, Samuel  8 Sep 1877Nacogdoches County, Texas I2471 lin 
19 Emerson, Edward Raymond  14 Mar 1909Nacogdoches County, Texas I2542 lin 
20 Emerson, Joseph Neely  13 Jan 1893Nacogdoches County, Texas I2539 lin 
21 Fore, Norma  21 Oct 1906Nacogdoches County, Texas I2961 lin 
22 Hearne, Amanda D.  10 Nov 1882Nacogdoches County, Texas I2513 lin 
23 Jones, Chester   I2976 lin 
24 Jones, Joseph Lee "Bo"   I2973 lin 
25 Jones, Leander Lee  16 Jul 1891Nacogdoches County, Texas I2970 lin 
26 Lewis, Mary Opals   I3014 lin 
27 Reed, Helen Ruth   I3028 lin 
28 Rogers, Albert Coy   I3001 lin 
29 Rogers, Amos Lee  8 Aug 1892Nacogdoches County, Texas I2484 lin 
30 Rogers, Annie  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2455 lin 
31 Rogers, Arnold Richard  5 Oct 1914Nacogdoches County, Texas I2995 lin 
32 Rogers, Arthur Wilford   I2492 lin 
33 Rogers, Betty  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2453 lin 
34 Rogers, Burnard  December 1903Nacogdoches County, Texas I2490 lin 
35 Rogers, Charles Henry  1854Nacogdoches County, Texas I2552 lin 
36 Rogers, Clyde Lloyd   I2987 lin 
37 Rogers, Cora E.  October 1897Nacogdoches County, Texas I2466 lin 
38 Rogers, Cordelia  1879Nacogdoches County, Texas I2567 lin 
39 Rogers, Daniel W.  5 Jan 1877Nacogdoches County, Texas I2565 lin 
40 Rogers, Dorothy Jean   I2989 lin 
41 Rogers, Emma Irene   I2491 lin 
42 Rogers, Emmett Eugene  April 1924Nacogdoches County, Texas I2986 lin 
43 Rogers, Erma Jo   I3009 lin 
44 Rogers, Ethel Mae  26 Feb 1904Nacogdoches County, Texas I2533 lin 
45 Rogers, Fay Marie   I3005 lin 
46 Rogers, George  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2454 lin 
47 Rogers, Hamilton  October 1893Nacogdoches County, Texas I2464 lin 
48 Rogers, Harvie R.  10 Oct 1907Nacogdoches County, Texas I2520 lin 
49 Rogers, Henry  1866Nacogdoches County, Texas I2556 lin 
50 Rogers, Hollis Neeley   I2519 lin 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rogers, Robert Allen  4 Nov 1930Nacogdoches County, Texas I2420 lin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Elgia  22 Jun 1896Nacogdoches County, Texas I2503 lin 
2 Davis, James Duncan  11 Jun 1955Nacogdoches County, Texas I2496 lin 
3 Davis, James Walther  22 Jan 1973Nacogdoches County, Texas I2499 lin 
4 Davis, Mattie Florence  22 Feb 1962Nacogdoches County, Texas I2500 lin 
5 Davis, Walter Amos  16 Jun 1886Nacogdoches County, Texas I2498 lin 
6 Deshazo, Elbert Franklin  19 Nov 1939Nacogdoches County, Texas I2469 lin 
7 Elliott, Jane (Jenny)  Aft 1860Nacogdoches County, Texas I2373 lin 
8 Fore, Norma  25 Feb 1907Nacogdoches County, Texas I2961 lin 
9 Heaslet, Lucinda Jane  8 Jan 1920Nacogdoches County, Texas I2403 lin 
10 Jones, Leander Lee  5 Oct 1960Nacogdoches County, Texas I2970 lin 
11 Partin, Mary Belle  20 Jul 1951Nacogdoches County, Texas I2571 lin 
12 Reed, Oscar Charlie  1 May 1979Nacogdoches County, Texas I3027 lin 
13 Rogers, Amos J.  2 Sep 1916Nacogdoches County, Texas I2378 lin 
14 Rogers, Arnold Richard  6 Nov 1915Nacogdoches County, Texas I2995 lin 
15 Rogers, Burnard  December 1904Nacogdoches County, Texas I2490 lin 
16 Rogers, Daniel W.  31 Oct 1913Nacogdoches County, Texas I2565 lin 
17 Rogers, Emmett Eugene  August 1928Nacogdoches County, Texas I2986 lin 
18 Rogers, Harvie R.  12 Jun 1912Nacogdoches County, Texas I2520 lin 
19 Rogers, Illa Bell  5 May 1913Nacogdoches County, Texas I2536 lin 
20 Rogers, Infant  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2458 lin 
21 Rogers, Infant  24 Aug 1904Nacogdoches County, Texas I2521 lin 
22 Rogers, Infant  November 1911Nacogdoches County, Texas I2494 lin 
23 Rogers, James  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2380 lin 
24 Rogers, Joe Walter  21 Jan 1966Nacogdoches County, Texas I2568 lin 
25 Rogers, Joseph  8 Mar 1922Nacogdoches County, Texas I2393 lin 
26 Rogers, Joseph Columbus  15 Jan 1943Nacogdoches County, Texas I2448 lin 
27 Rogers, Levi  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2487 lin 
28 Rogers, Lillie Lola  February 1929Nacogdoches County, Texas I2489 lin 
29 Rogers, Mary Catherine  26 Jul 1941Nacogdoches County, Texas I2419 lin 
30 Rogers, Mary Catherine  21 Aug 1961Nacogdoches County, Texas I2488 lin 
31 Rogers, Maurice Eugene  3 Oct 1983Nacogdoches County, Texas I2999 lin 
32 Rogers, Nettie Mae  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2486 lin 
33 Rogers, Odis Edward  September 1920Nacogdoches County, Texas I2996 lin 
34 Rogers, Robert Calvert  10 May 1963Nacogdoches County, Texas I2525 lin 
35 Rogers, Robert Edward  1 Feb 1951Nacogdoches County, Texas I2485 lin 
36 Rogers, Salina  28 Jul 1973Nacogdoches County, Texas I2462 lin 
37 Rogers, T. J.  14 Feb 1910Nacogdoches County, Texas I2467 lin 
38 Rogers, Wesley Kendricks  27 Mar 1941Nacogdoches County, Texas I2969 lin 
39 Rogers, Wilford Odell  1983Nacogdoches County, Texas I2997 lin 
40 Rogers, William Albert  5 Nov 1928Nacogdoches County, Texas I2418 lin 
41 Rogers, William Hampton  20 Jan 1928Nacogdoches County, Texas I2394 lin 
42 Rogers, William Wallace  21 Jul 1886Nacogdoches County, Texas I2549 lin 
43 Scott, Perlie  Nacogdoches County, Texas I2591 lin 
44 Self, Fred E.  8 Sep 1954Nacogdoches County, Texas I3016 lin 
45 Self, Jerry Wilbur  September 1964Nacogdoches County, Texas I3025 lin 
46 Stoker, Betty  May 1985Nacogdoches County, Texas I2978 lin 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Campbell / Davis  Nacogdoches County, Texas F1007 lin 
2 Collins / Rogers  6 Oct 1881Nacogdoches County, Texas F772 lin 
3 Cook / Rogers   F968 lin 
4 Davis / Rogers  Abt 1884Nacogdoches County, Texas F798 lin 
5 Deshazo /   Nacogdoches County, Texas F793 lin 
6 Fore / Rogers  17 Aug 1905Nacogdoches County, Texas F955 lin 
7 Heaslet / Rogers  1847Nacogdoches County, Texas F774 lin 
8 Jones / Rogers  Bef 1934Nacogdoches County, Texas F961 lin 
9 King / Davis  Nacogdoches County, Texas F1006 lin 
10 Lewis / Rogers  Nacogdoches County, Texas F981 lin 
11 Miller / Rogers   F967 lin 
12 Reed / Rogers   F989 lin 
13 Rogers / Britt  February 1913Nacogdoches County, Texas F972 lin 
14 Rogers / Collins  2 Oct 1879Nacogdoches County, Texas F788 lin 
15 Rogers / Conners  19 Aug 1883Nacogdoches County, Texas F787 lin 
16 Rogers / Hearn  19 Feb 1896Nacogdoches County, Texas F803 lin 
17 Rogers / Hearne  26 Jul 1903Nacogdoches County, Texas F802 lin 
18 Rogers / Houston  17 Jun 1866Nacogdoches County, Texas F778 lin 
19 Rogers / Luce  Nacogdoches County, Texas F956 lin 
20 Rogers / Murriel  Nacogdoches County, Texas F784 lin 
21 Rogers / Parker   F973 lin 
22 Rogers / Partin  4 May 1872Nacogdoches County, Texas F809 lin 
23 Rogers / Partin   F974 lin 
24 Rogers / Renfroe   F966 lin 
25 Rogers / Rogers  Nacogdoches County, Texas F811 lin 
26 Rogers / Rushing  18 Dec 1902Nacogdoches County, Texas F797 lin 
27 Rogers / Spivey  30 Sep 1875Nacogdoches County, Texas F810 lin 
28 Rogers / Stoker  19 May 1913Nacogdoches County, Texas F965 lin 
29 Self / Rogers  17 Sep 1928Nacogdoches County, Texas F983 lin